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New year’s resolution’s are popular at the beginning of the year, however they rarely come to fruition. Whether it be weight loss, health improvements, financial improvements or wellbeing, we all tend to set ourselves a goal at an important milestone – the 1st January. Using the start of the financial year is as good reason as any to start fresh with the way your business is managed.

As a business owner ask yourself these four questions :

Do you need more time in your day?
Do you feel like you don’t get any time to run your business?
Are you finding it difficult to keep abreast of latest legislation’s, software and requirements?
Is it costing you a fortune to train new staff and advertise for new positions?


If you answered yes to any of these, we can help. When the word outsourcing is mentioned, many skeptics immediately link it to offshore agencies doing the job for a quarter of the price. Also, more often that not, the outsourcing concept is quickly dismissed for the fear of losing control of one’s business and the level of difficulty it presents in adapting to the outsourcing model. Both of these couldn’t be further from the truth when engaging AccountCom/PayCom.

This is a simple outsourcing model at face value, however there’s a lot that goes on in the background, a well oiled machine that keeps ticking over. Each team member has a specific role and are accountable to meet deadlines and client requirements; all of this whilst you’re kept in the driver’s seat. You get the final approvals, sign off’s and, the final say; after all, it’s your business.


Our team is here to help give you back some of your time. As a business owner, working long hours can take it’s toll, whether it be on your health or compromising your work/life balance; and truth be told it’s hard to reap the rewards when you’re snowed under. You spend less time with your staff where you could be having healthy discussions and gaining insight into the business at all levels. Touching base with your clients and providing a feedback loop may also seem an impossible task to get too despite the importance. Dedicating time to attend networking events to form new business relationships and create new business opportunities is also another task to fit in your calendar.

Transitioning to an outsourced model as sophisticated as AccountCom is easy and smooth. With comprehensive checklists and procedures that are followed, each process is managed consistently and remains transparent to you, the client. The minute the paperwork enters our office it has a purpose, it is part of a process that someone is accountable for.


You are not treated as a number and we will not expect you to wait regardless of your business size and providing exceptional service is a benchmark in how we treat our clients. At AccountCom we effectively integrate our objectives, plans, processes, standards and behaviours into our daily operations and include our people today and in the future. Our people are at the forefront of our brand therefore it’s critical that we communicate to employees through regular performance reviews and monthly one on ones to ensure our expectations of them are understood and clear. When engaging our team, find comfort in knowing that you will be looked after and that client relationships are a fundamental part of integrating with your business. Our staff are also encouraged to look outside the square, if there’s an opportunity for value add that your business will benefit from.


If you are ready to make a new financial year resolution that you and your business will benefit from then we are here to make that happen. Our bookkeeping, payroll, human resource and administration expertise accompanied with a team of experienced professionals will put your mind at ease. We work with you to achieve your goals and thrive on your success


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