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AccountCom offer a variety of other services that assist you in reaching your business goals. Our corporate admin team manage supplier costs going out and customer deposits coming in allowing you as the business owner to make effective business decisions.

Kellie Klok and Danielle Cunningham lead the cashflow management process ensuring peace of mind for business owners by receiving accurate information via customised reports that are monitored daily.

Engaging AccountCom for your supplier and customer management allows you as a business owner to concentrate on what you do best, running your business. By integrating your Finance Manager position with AccountCom, you only pay for what you need when you need it. With experienced staff coupled with stringent processes, it takes less than a few hours per day to maintain your cashflow as opposed to recruiting someone to do it. Our experienced team of professional’s act on your behalf, liaise with your suppliers and process payment runs to ensure your creditors are paid in line with terms. Our team are available to speak to your suppliers and customers when required and we pride ourselves in building rapport in our dealings as a representative of your business.

Our finance team also appreciate that cashflow may not always be as regular as you expect which can be an added stress to you. If terms are missed, AccountCom continually communicate with your suppliers and customers and put appropriate plans in place to suit your situation. Our staff are discreet when dealing with sensitive matters and confidentiality is paramount to our process.

Our team are planning specialists and we are here to help ease the burden of daily cashflow requirements. As a business owner, this task can be time consuming which can compromise other critical day to day activities. The transition to AccountCom is quick, easy and it’s an investment that can pay dividends to you and your business, on so many levels. Real time reporting allows you to keep abreast of your cashflow, whilst a sophisticated process is executed in the background to ensure this information is accurate and in line with your business needs.


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