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Beginning as a small business over 10 years ago, with two employees operating out of the Director’s residence, AccountCom have grown to become a reputable firm with a strong client base over a variety of industries.

Our team is comprised of highly educated and experienced specialists and involved in the industry for over 40 years with numerous accreditations and qualifications. AccountCom have a team of talented, results driven and highly intelligent professionals who bring a diverse set of skills and experiences to the table. Through a variety of formal and informal training programs, we strive to keep our employees skills current so they can meet the new challenges we constantly face. The fact that have a collaborative environment where staff can see firsthand how they contribute to the success of our clients and us as a business. Our employees are praised for their teamwork and for their professionalism and to management’s gratification, have often received thanks for going above and beyond to resolve and issue for a customer.

As a business and as a member of the community, AccountCom and it’s employees are committed to creating a superior value for our customers, suppliers, local communities and our workforce. To keep succeeding, we must deliver performance exceeding the capabilities of our strongest competitors, this is a critical driver for our business success and a key part of our strategies.

Our uniqueness comes from being one of the first businesses in the Hunter Valley to offer to other businesses a fully outsourced administration, payroll and human resource department for their company with CFO capabilities. We pride ourselves on being industry leaders and have the opportunity to create a niche market that hovers between Accountant and Bookkeeper.

Like other bookkeepers, we complete the essential tasks of accounts, bookkeeping and activity statement preparation, however AccountCom also undertake the role of Treasurer, paying invoices, payroll and superannuation for our clients. This role reflects the trust our clients place in us, as we fully integrate into their business. One of our divisions PayCom complete the package offering a comprehensive payroll process and human resource management. The ‘one-stop-shop’ model makes it easy for our clients to navigate the increasingly complex legislation and regulations imposed on them as business owners.

We foster long term relationships with our customers and encourage our employees to keep connected daily and we offer the same great level of service to all our clients regardless of their size. We are proud of what we offer our clients and ensure that when you engage our services, we share the same goal for success for you and your business.

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