What is under-performance?

  • Unsatisfactory work performance (failure to perform the duties of the position or to perform them to the required standard)
  • Non-compliance with workplace policies, rules or procedures
  • Unacceptable behaviour in the workplace
  • Disruptive or negative behaviour that impacts on co-workers.

Reasons for under-performance

Some common reasons:

  • instructions unclear and unsure what is expected of them
  • interpersonal clashes
  • mismatch between employee capabilities and the job
  • little or no feedback to guide employee
  • lack of personal motivation, low morale
  • personal issues eg. Stress, mental health, alcohol/drug problems
  • bullying
  • cultural misunderstandings.

How to manage poor performance

  1. Identify the problem
  2. Assess and analyse the issue
  3. Organise a meeting to discuss 
  4. Give notice and option to bring a support person
  5. Open honest meeting 
  6. Give employee opportunity to respond or explain
  7. Devise solution – seek employee input
  8. Monitor performance
  9. DOCUMENT!!!