The importance of a Policy and Procedure Check

When was the last time you revised a company policy or procedure?  Are you up-to-date with current legislation and regulations?  Is there a policy or procedure you need to write, but are struggling to get started?

Company policies and procedures form the backbone of a business’ operations. Every workplace has them. An effective policy or procedure should align with the business’ core objectives and values, leaving no room for misunderstanding or confusion among employees. 

Writing and revising policies can be an overwhelming task, especially in a busy workplace. However, performing a ‘Policy and Procedure Check’ will help you understand what policies apply to your workplace and how to tailor these policies to the needs of your business. 

Implementing policies and procedures should not be a difficult task. A well-written policy should provide clear expectations, guidelines and consequences that all employees follow. 

So why are Policy and Procedure Checks important? 


The law is constantly changing. However, even if a policy is outdated and sitting on an office shelf, it may still be legally binding. Therefore, failing to revise policies and procedures may leave your company at risk of legal action. 

A Policy and Procedure Check will help you monitor and record any legislative changes and incorporate them into your workplace. 


Your employees or contractors must be aware of any workplace policies. If an employee breaches a company rule or procedure, disciplinary action can be taken in accordance with the terms of the policy. All employees should be made aware of their responsibilities according to the company’s policies so they are clear in the company’s expectations around behaviours and performance.

A Policy and Procedure Check will encourage stability and continuity, helping you create an efficient and productive working environment. 


It is important for policy wording to be clear and straight-forward so that any staff member can read it and understand. A well-written policy reflects the overall professionalism and conduct of your business, so it is important to get it right. If you are unsure about what is legally required in a particular policy, seek specialist support.

A Policy and Procedure Check can also assist in maximising employee performance and accountability. 


The safety of your staff and clients is paramount. A clear Work Health and Safety (WHS) policy ensures your business is meeting its obligations to provide a safe workplace. 

Workplace injuries and hazards can incur significant costs, as can non-compliance with current legislation, so your policies must be comprehensive, current and compliant. A WHS Policy and Procedure Check provides an opportunity to ensure regulatory compliance as well as promote a healthy, safe working environment. 

At AccountCom, we are can provide you with: 

  • A complete Policy and Procedure check 
  • A list of recommended of policies and procedures tailored to your business
  • Well-written policies and procedures compliant with current legislation, regulations and statutory obligations 
  • Ongoing HR management guidance and support.

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