The same end goal, by any account

There is some talk in the finance industry about the overlap between tax advisors and management accountants. Are they competing or complementary?

As the Managing Director of AccountCom; a management accounting and business administration company, I have a strong view that these two roles can and should work in partnership.

In our role, we service our clients through the delivery of administrative, financial and management accounting and the monitoring of control systems designed to report accurate results. We assist, direct and monitor the implementation of the company’s future direction and report results to the board of directors and their professional advisors. We manage the human resources, accounting, financial, operations, third parties and treasury. Essentially, we fulfil the role of Chief Financial Officer.

Your tax advisor need not spend their valuable time on the preparation and reconciliation of monthly accounts – we would provide these fully complete, accurate and on time – every time.

Our robust and reliable processes ensure that your tax advisor has complete and concise reports and is therefore in the best possible position to advise you.

There is so much to be achieved by your tax advisor and our goal is to ensure we are both fulfilling our roles efficiently and without duplication.

At AccountCom, our core focus is advising and providing our clients with structured, comprehensive and effective financial and corporate administrative processes. We are about guiding our clients through the ever-changing landscape of corporate processes to ensure their day to day tasks are completed professionally and in line with industry best practice.

Together, we can work to support our clients with better outcomes and long-lasting results.