With well over a decade of experience in Treasury Management, we know their banking institutions, systems, bank accounts and maintaining banking relationships.

We can play a role in managing this important function of your business by:

  • maintaining a system of policies and procedures that impose a high level of control over Treasury activities
  • forecasting cash positions, cashflow, related borrowing needs
  • ensuring that sufficient funds are available to meet operation requirements.
  • maintaining credit rating relationships
  • monitoring day to day activities
  • advising management on liquidity aspect of the short term and long range planning
  • overseeing the extension of credit to customers
  • overseeing payroll payments.

What out valued clients say:

We delegated the responsibility of our treasury management function to AccountCom as we had determined this was the perfect solution.  The Accounts Payable Team in AccountCom look after our creditor’s management so well and it only made sense to have the Treasury Management in AccountCom handle the payments and cashflow management.  It just works so well and I know they have the segregation of duties and controls in place to handle this. Steve

I believe that the reason our company is so successful, is because we have the most successful treasury management department there is, AccountCom manage our finances with the utmost care.  I am fully across the cashflow with their reporting structure and systematic processes. Ben

Always have a great Treasury management team – AccountCom is fully over this process and have the systems in place for this seamless process.  I have a more visible, transparent, strong process with AccountCom.  They have my back and I can rely and trust them. For me to handle this, it takes me away from very important work.  I have a professional team handling this now. Michael

I fly in and fly out, my business is in different time zones, I want a professional to handle this process for me.  Foreign exchange transactions, cashflow, supplier management processes and reporting is now how I have always wanted it.  Our corporate finance team. Michael