With decades of collective experience in mining, both the Director and Managing Director of AccountCom know how your systems should work and what is needed to make them work. We understand the culture and environment of working the mining industry; an appreciation that is unique to those who have worked amongst it. With this leadership at the helm, you can be confident knowing that AccountCom has the skills and experience to fully manage the day to day functions for your site. Whether you are looking to have a particular function managed or an entire EOM reporting process, AccountCom will deliver to the EOM timetable.

Small Business

Do what you do best and let us help you with your back office. We will work with your tax advisor, accounting and admin staff, using live data with secure access from anywhere, anytime. With AccountCom, it has never been so easy. We have the most up to date systems, processes and technology. Plus, you will be guided by senior experienced staff, who understand that your time is valuable and will deliver a cost effective solution to suit your business and budget.


Located in the heart of the Hunter Valley, we have worked with farming and agricultural businesses across the region for many years. We know what your business means to you and that it needs all your focus and dedication to thrive. We understand the factors that can impact on production and we can help you plan and manage for these seasonal changes. We can also take care of important aspects of your business that you may not always have the time to focus on, like cash flow, suppliers and customers, and payroll. If you have a problem, or there’s been a change to your business, we can jump and get you back on track. Whether it’s straight bookkeeping or you would like some key tasks managed, we can help. For us, it’s all about planting a seed and watching it grow.


Transform the financial operations of your business and its day to day management. While you are giving the best care to the future generation, we are focused on nurturing the future of your business.  The administrative and financial operations of the business can be demanding on the business owner, and you may not be an expert in these areas.  The good news is, we are! Our team of skilled professionals will integrate with your team, guiding and mentoring, to get you on the right track to success.


Cashflow is king. Latest technology, streamlined admin processes, subcontractor management and time tracking is what AccountCom can do for you. We make invoicing clients and paying your subcontractors easy.  Do you know how your projects are tracking? Integration between customer manager, job costing and estimation, project management and financials is what you need. We can do this for you. Are you ready for the end of financial year? Leave it to us.   


Our manufacturing clients know that having the right tools and technology can make all the difference to a business’s efficiency. Choose to be fully outsourced and you will have a professional financial accounting manager working on your business, just as if they were one of your own staff. We are available to you when you need us and you can feel confident in having a streamlined service that is fast, accurate and confidential. We are also flexible – you can choose to partially outsource specific aspects of your business to us, or you can use our expertise to help get something back on track. The choice is yours.

Real Estate

The complexities associated with managing property and realty can be demanding and the accounting work challenging. Do you feel like you are missing crucial information? With our HR and Payroll Services overseeing your employee process, you can be assured that commission payments, bonus calculations and allowances are accurate and in check. We can also work closely with your team and trusted tax advisor to streamline these processes. Let AccountCom help you manage your back office, so you can focus on what you do best.   

Professional Services

Many hours of administration can place a great amount of pressure on a firm. Billable hours are your focus and finance and admin can be a burden. With current systems, processes and technology, we can take on the role of a virtual CFO for your company and manage your finances with expertise and efficiency. If you require specialist expertise, we can provide a tailored solution to suit your needs. 


In your industry, staying on top of multi-currency accounting, third party processes and real time data is critical. We provide high level management reporting, HR and payroll management to ensure you stay ahead of the curve. We can also provide high level reporting for monthly management meetings – that’s real time reports using the latest technology.